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Imagine walking into a store, ready for an entirely new look. But, you don't know if the stylist has worked with someone like you before. They don't know your unique voice, your persona, or even what clients + opportunities that you want to attract. How can you know that they'll style you for success? You only hope that your new stylist really gets you. Yikes.

That's what the re-branding process can look like with other designers. 

Why settle for mediocre or rinse and repeat? You only get a few seconds to make the right first impression. It's time you do it right.


Ready for a 

There I was, a stay at home mom trying to scale my business as a VA. 

The thing is, at the time I was finding purpose in my work while making enough money to pay the bills, my coach, and support my family.

The big problem was that I felt unfulfilled and tried branching out on my own. Then my husband lost his battle to PTSD. That meant suddenly I had no support or a consistent income to rely on and needed to support my toddler, which left me unsupported as my dream life fell apart.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...

I went back home to regroup and everything changed as I found more balance in my life.

Instantly it became crystal clear to me how to help other women use their website like a TRUE opportunity magnet , because I saw the key to a good website makes you look like an expert in front of decision-makers.

"How can Derika help me reach my goals?"

You might be wondering...

what's the key?

My plan was to start reaching back out to old clients + reformatting their website to position them as leaders.

So I started building an audit of their complete digital profile. But we didn’t stop there. We then created a website that highlighted her as the go-to and expert in her niche.

After that, we crafted the perfect media kit for landing and negotiating major opportunities.

Building on that success, we decided to to create a business helping female trailblazers demand the credibility + book the opportunities they deserve.

With our Packages I can now help clients land features in online publications with more than 2 Million monthly viewers AND increase their website ROI by 33% in 60 days!!

And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results too!

"How can Derika help me reach my goals?"

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the process

write me & fill out the forms


We 'll have our virtual coffee date



we start collaborating
on designs + strategy


weekly consulting sessions + progress reports


pop, fizz + clink! we launch your new site and roll out a bullet-proof strategy.

I am obsessed with my new website! Derika totally hit the ball outta the park with this one! I feel like my website finally showcases my personality and brand! She is such a beautiful person inside and out! I am so happy I decided to just do it! And work with her! No regrets!

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rave reviews

Hire Derika, it will be an amazing decision, you won't regret! From the start she gave so much more than I ever imagined I would get. She was easily able to navigate through my muddled ideas about what I wanted for my website and come up for exactly what I had in my head. She just gets it.

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rave reviews

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web design + digital 

passion + action v.1

Feminine, Bold, Fun

passion + action v.2

Clean, Modern, Professional

always being real

Spiritual, high-class, divine feminine


Bold, Luxurious, Intimate

the lifestyle architect

Fresh, Trendy, 

prospect success

Playful, Stylish, Authentic

The Trailblazer

Here's a huge problem you face right now. It's having a bad website and no where to direct the decision-makers. But that's not the end of your problems with looking like an authority + leader across the board. 

What makes this even worse is the fact that without the right positioning, you won't be able to attract the BEST opportunities! Which means you won't be any different from 1000s of others vying for coveted gigs like TedX.

And, worst of all, many female coaches can't get past the idea that you can sustain your business on social media ONLY.

All this can make trying to growing your brand a nightmare! But luckily for you, there's now a solution! 

The Trailblazer is for every female coach who wants to take the next step in growing their personal brand + EXPAND THEIR REACH TO MILLIONS.

yes, i want to build my brand

The Trailblazer

The Trailblazer is for every female coach who wants to take the next step in growing their personal brand + EXPAND THEIR REACH TO MILLIONS.

yes, i want to build my brand

If you want to identify the cracks in your online presence and seal them air-tight so you'll attract the opportunities you deserve , highlight ALL the glass ceilings you've shattered in one easy + convenient place , and transform your 'eh' testimonials into ones that make you the Game-Changer... then this is the most important re-branding package that you'll ever purchase!

The Trailblazer is an amazing new 1:1 brand strategy consulting + web design package that helps every female coach to growing your brand and land in major digital publications with monthly views surpassing 2 MILLION.

Let's get to work + easily showcase your 'It Factor' when seeking partnerships + collaborations with brands!

Here's What You Get

branding + positioning strategy

1:1 brand strategy consulting


Complete Digital Footprint Audit



Website Positioning + Re-Design 


5-Star Testimonial Workshop


The Perfect Pitch


the IT Girl media kit

yes, i want to land the right opportunities

"My website is beautiful! Also she set up all the systems I needed to have in place and taught me how to use everything and how to edit my site, I feel so confident going forward with things. She is just so giving with her time and knowledge and even after my website was complete she has been on hand to answer any questions and even gave me a Pinterest tutorial! Thank you so much Derika, my website angel!!"

The Go-Getter

The Go-Getter is for every female business owner who wants to raise their prices but can't attract the right paying customers.

One of the biggest things holding you back from attracting the kinds of clients who ask for your invoice on the first call is being inconsistent with your online presence. There's a reason that Chanel and Cartier customers don't balk at paying exorbitant prices for their items while others complain about their coupons not working. But that's not the end of your problems with attracting your ideal clients and customers. 

What makes this even worse is the fact that your customers don't know what you're about and a 'maybe' is always a no! Which means you lose out on more purchases and your dream clients don't even see you as the right option.

Worst of all, many online entrepreneurs can't get past the idea that done is better than perfect.

All this can make trying to charge your worth and attract high-paying customers a nightmare! I've crafted the best solutions with your business needs in mind.

yes, i want my dream clients

The Go-Getter

The Go-Getter is for female business owner who wants to raise their prices but can't attract the right paying customers.

So, if you're a service or product-based female business owner who really wants to raise your prices but can't attract the right paying customers, "The Go-Getter" is the answer you've been looking for!

If you want to you automatically stand out in a sea of similar faces and shops, get a new brand refresh in a matter of weeks , and develop instant brand recognition whenever you promote a new offering.... then this is the most important re-brand package you'll ever purchase!

The Go-Getter is an amazing new re-branding package that helps every service or product-based business owner to charge your worth, attract high-paying customers and stay CONSISTENT on all your online platforms .


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